101 things Katie Hutchison Studio (KHS) has learned designing homes, Part six of ten

Salem Antique: Kitchen Renovation: Limit overhead kitchen cabinets.See Part five of this series here.

51.  Tell a story with a home’s design.

52.  Bring the indoors out and the outdoors in. (See Manchester Garage/Garden Room.)

53.  Remember that shade and shadow are design tools. (See Brewster Long House.)

54.  Express building structure to enhance building legibility.

55.  Limit overhead kitchen cabinets. (See Salem Antique: Kitchen Renovation, above.)

56.  Include a walk-in pantry, space permitting.

57.  Provide ample open shelves. (See Kitchen storage design solutions.)

58.  Advise homeowners not to be “penny wise and pound foolish”. (See Don’t overlook intangible value and cost.)

59.  Explore, study, and learn from the architectural world around you – near and far. (See Design snapshots.)

60.  Incorporate efficient and high-performance appliances and systems.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast