101 things Katie Hutchison Studio (KHS) has learned designing homes, Part eight of ten

Brewster Long House: Include a screen porch where possible.See Part seven of this series here.

71.  Know when a phone call (rather than an email) is warranted.

72.  Attend to air sealing and weather stripping.

73.  Anticipate structural layout/issues from the roof down, not the other way around.

74.  Include a screen porch where possible. (See Brewster Long House above.)

75.  Small projects generally cost more per square foot of construction than larger projects.

76.  Design breathable construction which doesn’t trap moisture.

77.  Neighbors can derail a project; respect them.

78.  Creativity thrives amidst constraints.

79.  The budget can be your friend; respect it.

80.  Ask three general contractors to participate in the bid process.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast