Design snapshot: Antique entry allure

What is the pull of this entry on me? I’ve been photographing it through the seasons. Is it the subtly muted, worn, putty-colored palette with hints of faded reddish brown, grey and ochre? Is it the way the dappled light dances across it, skipping a beat here and there, lingering long enough to cast a dramatic fence-post shadow? Is it the finely wrought detail of the minute dentils on the pediment, the delicate flutes on the pilasters, the pleasing gentle curve of the crown moldings? Is it the no-nonsense aged granite steps bordering the old brick sidewalk? Is it its direct, bold, symmetrical street-side stance? Yes, it’s all those things and more.

Somehow I feel like I belong to this entry and house as well as so many treasured others I find on the streets of New England. We all belong to these houses, not they to us.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast