Design snapshot: Entry duality

This composition exemplifies the power of two – to reflect one on another, to contrast one to another, to connect one to another, to complement one and another, to assimilate one into another, and to attract one to another.

No, this isn’t a trick image. These symmetrical doorways likely defined two separate living quarters at one time, or perhaps, they still do. Or, maybe they addressed a duality in the household, the way Shakers had separate doors for men and women. The boldly contrasting colors of the glossy, red body/trim and the black doors lend a sophisticated Asian-infused color palette to otherwise colonial American materials and detailing. The green planters and plantings complement the powerful color scheme. Dutch doors, which by their very nature offer two (door and operable window) in one, round out this dual entry’s appealing duality.

I, for one, am smitten with these two. How about you?

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast