Design snapshot: Mini Cape charm

The Cape house form is a timeless charmer. This mini example is no exception. It's "mini" in that there is only one window (pair) on either side of the central entry. (A full Cape has two separate windows on either side of the central entry.)

Its use of casement windows (instead of double-hung windows), an arched entry porch roof, and a slot-like shed dormer all set it apart from more typical Capes. And, yes, I can't help but anthropomorphize its appearance; the two horizontal awning (or hopper?) windows in the shed dormer sure look like eyes hovering over the arched-roof nose.

The landscaping, which features a natural cedar rail fence, central gate, flanking robust hydrangea bushes and flanking neat privet hedges, reinforces this Cape's appeal. Check out a sweet three-quarter Cape here and my Recipe for Architectural Charm here. You don't have to look far in New England to find a Cape charmer.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast