Design snapshot: Summerhouse porch setup

I know I'm jumping the gun, but whenever March gives us a sunny weekend in the upper 40s, like this one, I can't help but anticipate spring.

One of the first signs of spring around my parents' house has long been the sweeping out and setting up of their summerhouse -- a little shed a few feet from the side door to their house. I've shared their summerhouse with House Enthusiasts several times over the years -- in a video and in a house-garden primer.

Here, the summerhouse porch is set with a diminutive bench and chair amidst the long, quiet shadows of late winter -- and, dare I say, early spring -- which linger across the robin's-egg blue floorboards. A flower pot beneath the bench patiently waits to be planted, perhaps with something spring-like, possibly pansies.

To me, this scene is peacefully bursting with charming possibly. Spring can't be far off now.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast