Design snapshot: Three-sided room/porch

Architects love designing spaces that can be transformed from one use and feel into another use and feel, and, if possible, into yet another use and feel. This three-sided room/porch is a great example why. Close all of the sliding glass doors and enjoy a bright room at the end of the house. Open them all most of the way and experience the outdoors indoors. Open a pair on one side only, and feel the nuance of prospect from within partial enclosure.

The continuity of flooring material and level indoors and out, the wicker furnishings, and pale blue ceiling color enhance the indoor/outdoor vibe of this space. Is it a room or a porch or both? It's the ambiguity that's so engaging, as is the attention to detail in the flanking windows, basket-weave brick flooring, and rafter-tail overhang.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast