Design snapshot: Victorian dormer

Click on this photo to see it in the KHS photo note cards/prints gallery. Since one House Enthusiast reader noted at Things That Inspire how I really have “a thing for properly designed dormers,” I thought I’d prove him right with another dormer post.

This dormer with Victorian detailing adorns a mansard slate roof. The chamfered pilasters on either side of the 2/2 double-hung windows add depth and interest, as well as significance to this rooftop jewel. The main roof eave brackets are echoed in the mini-me styling of the dormer eave brackets which receive the eave overhang. Thanks to the dormer’s low-pitch gable with flat-roofed extensions, it resides below the transition trim between the mansard’s two roof slopes. Window head trim punctuated with circular nodes further animate the tableau. It isn’t difficult to conjure an abstract face within the composition.

Maybe you too will develop “a thing for properly designed dormers.” I can only hope.

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by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast