Napkin sketches of home

"Small adobe house with basement" by Graham, age 9Find an introduction to this series here.

The title of Graham's sketch suggests it's a building section, but without the title, you might assume it's a building plan. This is one of the delights of the loose, napkin sketch. It's open to interpretation on both the part of the maker and the viewer. Perhaps one drawing is both section and plan.

Most architecture grads can remember at least one crit where a critic turned a student's model upside down or rotated a student's drawings 90 or 180 degrees, and remarked how much better a solution it was once overturned or rotated. Though exasperating for a student, such transformations can push us to see something anew, for better or worse. 

I would love to see a "napkin sketch of home" created by you, your family, and/or friends -- both young and old.

Please submit sketches via a scan or photo to for possible inclusion in the series. Include the artist's name and age, and a title for the sketch, if there is one.

Share your idea of "home" -- whether it's your cat, your porch, or your neighborhood; you decide what "home" means to you.

Let's get sketching.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast