Spring/summer/early fall 2007 continuing education

Recommended New England Courses about House, Garden, and Related Creative Arts

(Classes and schedules are subject to change so check program websites for updates.)

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Adult Education

Located in Jamaica Plain, MA, “The Arnold Arboretum’s adult education program offers one-day and multi-session horticulture, botany, and landscape-related courses for the beginner, avid amateur, and professional,” according to their website. I’ve taken some tree and plant identification courses here and found them affordable and enlightening. This evening offering sounds promising:

Thinking Outside the Box – Creative Approaches to Container Gardening HOR 231

Deborah Trickett, Owner of The Captured Garden

Wed. June 6, 2007 6:30-8:30 pm [HB] : $30 member, $36 nonmember

Offered in collaboration with Dover-Sherborn Community Education

“Are you tired of the same old red geraniums in your window boxes? Have you always wanted to create lush container gardens but didn’t know where to start? Are you ready to move beyond the expected? Then this class is for you. Deborah will show how to take container gardens from “blah” to “aah”, beginning with the basics of container gardening, including appropriate containers, soil mixes, and plant choices for different site conditions. She will then proceed to new and unusual plants and containers that can make a container garden truly special. And, finally, she will plant some containers from local nursery stock. A few lucky registrants whose names are drawn from a hat will leave class with these creations.”


Center for Contemporary Printmaking

This non-profit printmaking studio and gallery in Norwalk, CT offers a variety of print-related workshops. I’ve taken some classes in alternative photographic processes here that I found informative and entertaining. This one-day workshop looks intriguing:

Transformations with Encaustic

Leslie Giuliani

Sat. July 14, 2007 10:00 am-4:00 pm: $100 plus $20 materials fee

Encaustic paint is a very versatile medium. It acts as a colored paint, an adhesive, and a preservative. In this one-day workshop students will learn the basics of working with heated, beeswax-based paint. Participants’ prints, drawings, fabrics, and other collage materials will be transformed into complexly layered, finished, framed works of art. No previous experience with encaustic paint required.


The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts

Part-Time Furniture Making Program

Located in Beverly, Massachusetts and run by Philip Lowe, the FIM is a “one-on-one environment for advanced training techniques in wood working,” according to their website. I’ve never taken a class here, but I’ve heard good things. You might consider:

Carve a Newport Shell

Phil Lowe, Program Director

Sat. July 7 - Wed. July 11, 2007: Beginner level: $675 plus materials

“The Goddards and Townsends, 18th century furniture makers from Rhode Island, produced the finest block front furniture ever made. This uniquely American form has brought record breaking amounts at New York’s best auction houses. This class will explore the design of the Newport shell with close attention given to the over-all modeling, the central scroll motif, and to the undulating curves of each lobe. Learn the techniques that these furniture makers implemented to create this truly masterful piece of work.”

Upholstery Clinic

Joseph Karagezian, Master Upholsterer

Sat. July 14 – Sun. July 15, 2007: Beginner level: $250 plus materials

“This is a great opportunity to spend time learning from a master upholsterer who describes himself as having ‘been spitting tacks for 45 years’. Over the two-day period, Joseph Karagezian will discuss the tools and material necessary for simple upholstery and the students will upholster a simple seat using webbing, burlap, horsehair, cotton and muslin. Don’t miss this class as it isn’t offered that often.”


Lesley Seminars

Part of Lesley University in Cambridge, these continuing education seminars consist of “courses and workshops focused on writing, fine arts, art history, special thematic learning experiences, and professional development,” says their website. This offering may prove too irresistible to pass up.

Film Form

Rich Rose and Ryan Evans

Wednesdays, June 13 – August 1, 2007 5:30-9:30 pm: Noncredit $320 plus materials

“Cinematic language combines photography, movement, and sound into one of the most influential visual art forms in the world. Film Form is an introductory class in the art and design of film. Topics covered include film history, lighting, composition, cinematography, and editing. Many of the topics discussed are directly applicable for students and professionals working in the fields of photography, illustration and graphic design. Students will be expected to attend weekly screenings, complete a weekly written assignment, participate in class discussion and attend one field trip.”


Maine Photographic Workshops

I’ve been wanting to take one of these intensive photographic workshops in Rockport, Maine ever since I learned of the program. Their website says that they have “over 150 one-week workshops and master classes in photography, film, DV and new media”. Here are a few that are tempting:

Creative Digital Alternative Processes

David Julian, Photographer, Illustrator and Mixed-Media artist

Sun. June 17 – Sat. June 23, 2007: No portfolio required: $995 plus $125 lab fee

“This workshop is for traditional and digital photographers, as well as artists who are inspired by alternative processes and want to reach deep into creative possibilities using Photoshop. We will examine many wet darkroom alternative processes, image montages, vintage images and digital images, learning how they take photography to new and inventive levels. As a class, we will reference those ideas, and also learn to identify what is unique about us and work that into our images. We will transform existing images as well as create new ones from class shooting trips, scanned materials and occasional spells of ‘accidental science’….”

Alternative Vision

Carrie Peterson, Photographer

Sun. July 15 – Sat. July 21, 2007: No portfolio required: $895 plus $175 lab fee

“This workshop is for photography teachers, students, serious amateurs, and working professionals who want to incorporate low-tech camera systems and alternative technology into their personal artistic expression, commercial photography, or as tools for teaching perception and personal expression. The class will explore the technical limits and visual potential of the Holga plastic camera, small, inexpensive 35mm cameras, antique cameras, handmade cameras, 4x5 and 8x10 pinhole cameras and other image creation techniques to discover new approaches to photographic vision…Participants will work in B&W…”

The Book Making Workshop

Douglas Holleley, Photographer, Author, Publisher

Sun. July 15 – Sat. July 21, 2007: No portfolio required: $895 plus $155 lab fee

“This course is for photographers, other visual artists and digital artists who want to incorporate bookmaking into their creative work. We explore the world of sequenced images in all varieties of book forms, from the one-of-a-kind, handmade book to the mass marketing book. The course combines hands-on bookmaking with computer-based desktop publishing software and techniques. We will explore the book as an artistic form, a vehicle for the presentation of images, text, and ideas. We begin by creating small books by hand, and work toward more complex ideas and creation that can be best implemented via desktop publishing software…”



Design/Build School

This unique school in Warren, VT comes highly recommended. According to their website, “Yestermorrow Design/Build School offers over 100 hands-on courses per year in design, construction, woodworking and architectural craft and offers a variety of courses concentrating on sustainable design.” I’ve never taken a class here, but I’ve toured the facilities and found them impressive. Check it out:

Designing Outdoor Spaces

Lizabeth Moniz

Fri. July 6 – Sun. July 8, 2007: All levels: $450

“In this class students will explore and design different elements in their landscape that reflect the existing architectural qualities. These can be built aspects or ones from nature. Structures such as decks, garden sheds, pergolas, stone walls and pathways will be entertained. Natural elements such as fields, forest, color, and water will add to the puzzle. All size projects can be accommodated. You will learn the basics of what to look for in your landscape, and how to create your own beautiful spaces. Field trips to existing landscapes and nurseries will help familiarize participants with planting schemes, outdoor spaces and garden architecture.”

Stained Glass Primer

Christian Jaquith

Sat. Sept. 8 – Sun. Sept. 9, 2007: Beginner: $300 plus $75 for materials

“The alchemy of stained glass acted to transform light and space in the cathedrals of antiquity. Now you can bring to your studio, workshop or home the basic ability to design and build projects utilizing the elemental materials favored by those cathedral artisans. This class will focus on the basic techniques for assembling stained glass panels. The class will consist of demonstrations and practice for cutting, fitting, connecting, and finishing both traditional lead came and copper foil systems. Students will complete a simple panel to take home with them created utilizing a starter tool kit, notes and material provided for them.”

Permaculture for Home and Garden

Andrew Faust

Sat. Sept. 22 – Sun. Sept. 23, 2007: All levels: $300

“In this workshop students will learn Permaculture principles as applied in temperate homes and gardens. We will discuss organic gardening, building with local natural materials, ecological lawn, meadow, stream and wetland care, orchards, composting, off-the-grid water systems, and domestic and wild animal management. Bring questions about your garden and home and be prepared to learn about ideas that can improve your quality of life, simplify your needs, and increase your family time by cooperating with ecological processes to create abundance and diversity.”