Web tour: House Enthusiast MeMe nomination

Me, me on the family Seawind KetchMuch to my surprise John Black, who blogs from northern California via A Verdant Life, nominated House Enthusiast for a MeMe. 

I featured A Verdant Life as a web neighbor last spring in hopes of sharing John’s wise and witty posts on garden design, landscape design, and, well, the verdant life, with House Enthusiast readers. 

I’m thrilled to accept the MeMe torch from John and to pass it along, which involves satisfying a few rules of engagement:

  1. Link back to whomever nominated you.
  2. Reveal seven tidbits about yourself.
  3. Nominate and link to seven other blogs.
  4. Notify your nominees with a comment on their blogs or in emails.
  5. Notify your nominator(s) when your “acceptance” post is up.

Seven formative influences on my passion for designing, discussing, and framing place in and around our homes:

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