Web tour: Walk Score ranks location walkability

Thanks to Walk Score you can now rank a location’s walkability on a scale of zero to 100. According to the Walk Score Algorithm, the closer a location is to amenities, the higher the location’s walkability. A location with a score of 90-100 is deemed a “Walkers’ Paradise”. A score of 70-89 is “Very Walkable”. 50-69 is “Somewhat Walkable”. 25-49 is “Car Dependent”. 0-24 is "Car-Dependent (Driving Only)". The KHS address in Salem scored an 86. This didn’t surprise me, but I found myself curiously proud. As a fan of the concepts behind “smart growth” and “new urbanism”, I’m happy that my location is a model of walkability.

Walk Score enumerates six factors which contribute to a walkable neighborhood: a discernible center, compact density, mixed income and mixed use, convenient parks and public spaces, pedestrian-centric design, and nearby schools and workplaces. All make for a vibrant neighborhood with positive environmental, social, and economic impacts. I sang the praises of my condo’s interior neighborhood amidst my exterior, walkable neighborhood here.

Walkability should be a primary factor in awarding “green” status. It’s only common sense. Read more about Common Sense Green here.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast