The 2011 Idjit Garden season is fast approaching

Vegetable Garden Wheel, courtesy of the Womanswork websiteMy garden planning is behind where it was last year at this time. So much for improvement at Katie's idjit garden. I'm still in the graph-paper scheming stage. I haven't ordered any seeds or started any seedlings with last year's crop.

I have, however, discovered Garden Wheels, thanks to garden design ONLINE. Womanswork creates these nifty planning tools, chock full of plant info and tips.

In addition to the Vegetable Garden Wheel (shown left), I couldn't resist collecting the Herb, Annual, and Perennial Garden Wheels too. I'm planning on mixing edibles and non-edibles in my community garden plots, so here's hoping the Garden Wheels will save me from some of last year's planting blunders.

I'm also looking to Beekman 1802 to get my square-foot gardens steered in the right direction. In partnership with Williams-Sonoma, Josh and Brent, owners of The Beekman Farm in upstate New York, are peddling a Landreth seed collection of heirloom vegetables. They're hoping to inspire 10,000 gardeners to grow the same vegetables at the same time and to share the experience at the Beekman website. I'm not sure if I'll participate, but that doesn't mean I can't learn from the conversation.

If you have suggestions for a well-intentioned idjit gardener, please share them at the Katie Hutchison Studio Facebook Page. It isn't too late to turn a wanna-be gardener, into the real deal.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast