Web neighbor: Robert Swinburne -- Vermont Architect

Bob’s blog came to my attention not long ago. I knew when I read the subtitle “musings and mutterings of a rural Vermont architect” that I’d probably found something special. For starters, you might want to begin with his introductory post “What I want my blog to be,” which sets the straightforward, refreshing tone evident throughout his blog.

I was amused to discover he’d created an ego category. Since architects are known for having hefty, often humorless, egos, I was delighted to find that Bob’s “ego” posts are modest and insightful. He writes in “A Little bit of Me” about his desire to reconcile the artistic vision of an individual architect with the performance of architectural services for a client. In “Site Decisions and Instinct” he offers a window into the architect’s perspective on one of the most important decisions in the design process. And, naturally, he shares some of the recognition he's received, like winning the 2008 Providence Sustainable Housing Design Competition in the "affordable" group.

His mutterings category appeals to my inner irreverence. He rants about “free” design and complicated heating systems. In a post titled “Grassroots Modern, Carpenter Modern” he defines his interpretation of architectural "modernism;" see “Bob’s Barn” for an illustration of the warm, rooted, and stream-lined aesthetic he’s describing.

I think you’ll find that his is a welcome, down-to-earth voice in the architectural blogosphere. Take a look.

by Katie Hutchison for the House Enthusiast