Web tour: Yankee: Beachfront homes in distress

In the September/October Yankee magazine Ian Aldrich writes about all that is eroding in Nantucket. While the sea devours beachfront property, stakeholders squabble about a solution. The latest proposal put forth by the Siasconset Beach Preservation Fund (which would also foot the bill) is “a $20 million beach-nourishment project that would dredge the equivalent of some 200,000 dumptruck loads of ocean sand and pump it onshore to build out ‘Sconset Beach.” Many object to the proposal, including the local fishing community whose livelihoods could be put at risk by it. “…The exact degree of opposition to the proposed nourishment project was revealed, when voters came out overwhelmingly against it, 2,986 to 483, in a non-binding ballot vote...” writes Aldrich.

It’s an intriguing article beautifully illustrated by Dana Smith’s distressed photographs. Smith says in a contributor’s note, “…I have a fascination with the physical decay and decomposition of images... When Yankee brought this story to me, I immediately thought the look and feel would be perfect for the subject, especially since erosion is just another form of breakdown.” I wish Yankee had included a little more about Smith’s process. In any case, the images share an exquisite, aged, worn patina.

by Katie Hutchison for the House Enthusiast