101 things Katie Hutchison Studio (KHS) has learned designing homes, Part two of ten

Manchester Garage/Garden Room: Detach garages.See Part one of this series here.

11.  Design circulation through rooms, rather than halls, where possible. (See House plans that flow.)

12.  Use basements for storage and mechanical equipment, not living space (unless they're walk-out basements).

13.  Limit the number of steps from grade to the first floor. (See Entry-stoop design tips.)

14.  Listen to the story homeowners are telling with their wish list.

15.  At minimum, have a “Letter of Agreement” before beginning the design process.

16.  Detach garages. (See Manchester Garage/Garden Room, above.)

17.  Design in section and plan, simultaneously. (See Primer: Third Dimension.)

18.  Manage homeowners’ expectations.

19.  Create outdoor rooms via strategic placement of building wings, breezeways, and/or outbuildings. (See Primer: House Garden.)

20.  Design it smaller. (See Common Sense Green.)

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast