101 things Katie Hutchison Studio (KHS) has learned designing homes, Part three of ten

Edgartown Dormer Renovation: Inhabit the roof with living spaces.See Part two of this series here.

21.  Maintain one person as the client contact for the duration of a project.

22.  A compound of smaller buildings is generally a better design solution than a single, larger building.

23.  Ground the building with first-floor porches, wings, and/or pergolas. (See Primer: Recipe for Architectural Charm.)

24.  Restore and re-use old, wood windows where possible. (See House Enthusiast posts about this here, here, and here.)

25.  Take advantage of a need for significant renovations to upgrade air sealing and insulation.

26.  Encourage homeowners to be decisive; don’t overwhelm them with options. (See The behavior economics of design.)

27.  Include KHS Construction Administration services for all project contracts that proceed beyond Schematic Design. (See Design Process.)

28.  Design legible massing. (See Primer: Recipe for Architectural Charm.)

29.  Frame a view; don’t over-expose it. (See Frame it to fathom it.)

30.  Inhabit the roof with living spaces. (See Edgartown Dormer Renovation, above, and dormer articles here, here, and here.)

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast