101 things Katie Hutchison Studio (KHS) has learned designing homes, Part four of ten

Manchester Garage/Garden Room: Design rooms for multiple uses.See Part three of this series here.

31.  Modulate ceiling height and treatment. (See Primer: Third dimension.)

32.  Design rooms for multiple uses. (See Manchester Garage/Garden Room, above.)

33.  Build a team of knowledgeable specialists as consultants.

34.  Provide opportunities for prospect and refuge. (See Reading Review: House Thinking.)

35.  Where appropriate, arrange rooms “enfilade” (on axis toward a vista). (See House plans that flow.)

36.  Design big windows for small houses. (See Design snapshot: Small house, big windows.)

37.  The best projects are fun, and fun projects stem from fun homeowners.

38.  Use natural materials where possible.

39.  Frame thick walls to accommodate more/better insulation and to create deep interior window sills.

40.  Include a lookout so occupants can experience “peril” from the safety of their homes. (See Reading Review: House Thinking.)

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast