Contemporary fine-art photographers of the New England vernacular

This holiday season I offer you the gift of eye-candy from some of my favorite regional fine-art photographers. They each capture the often stark and stunning beauty of the buildings and places we know as home in New England. For a real treat, I encourage you to visit their websites and browse their online galleries.

photo by Alison Shaw, courtesy of her websiteAlison Shaw's name is familiar to many Vineyarders. She's been an inspiration since her early days in black and white.


photo by Ben Staples, courtesy of his websiteNorth Shore photographs by Ben Staples are riveting.


photo by Jeffery Becton, courtesy of his websiteDigital montages by Jeffery Becton can take your breath away.


"White Window" by Katherine Drew Dilworth, courtesy of her websiteKatherine Drew Dilworth's work often combines the tactile with the visual to wonderful effect. (Plus, she's a fabulous friend.)


"Round Church Door" by Tom Way, courtesy of his website.For years, I held on to a note card I bought which had this photo by Tom Way on the front. I simply couldn't part with the image. Who would want to?


"Fish Shack, Maine" by John G. Kelley, courtesy of his websiteI find John G. Kelley's photography and words particularly compelling.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast