Napkin sketches of home

by Zach, age 9Architects and designers are known for communicating ideas with quick scribbles on whatever scraps of paper they can find.

Inspiration may strike when sharing a cup of coffee, a snack, or a meal, so a nearby paper napkin is often the most convenient vehicle for the latest brainstorm. Plus, a paper napkin is so clearly ephemeral and, as such, often frees the artist from treating an idea as something precious or final. Sketching on a napkin can allow ideas to flow uninhibited.

With this thought in mind, I've been asking folks, young and old, to share napkin sketches which express their ideas about "home".

The sketches could be somewhat representational, depicting known or desired home plans, elevations, perspectives or sections. Or they could be more conceptual, conveying meanings of home. It's up to the artist to decide.

This "napkin sketch of home" includes a lengthy key which is transcribed here:

1.  Theater
2.  Bedroom w/flat screen tv & projector
3.  Bathroom
4.  Bar
5.  Bowling Alley
6.  Go-Cart & Track
7.  Indoor Pool
8.  Guest Room for 3
9.  Science Lab
10. Pizzeria
11. Star Wars Battle Field

I would love to see a "napkin sketch of home" created by you, your family, and/or friends. Please submit sketches via a scan or photo to for possible inclusion in the series. Include the artist's name and age, and a title for the sketch, if there is one. Share your ideas of "home".

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast