Design snapshot: A building with a smile

Anthropomorphizing our environment is simply second nature. We can’t help but search for faces around us, on people and objects. It’s part of what our brains do to make sense of the world. It’s a tendency surely familiar to the designer of this antique stair-enclosure. The cheerful countenance of the small building appendage brings a touch of whimsy to what would otherwise be a utilitarian basement access.  

The curved, door-head trim establishes a forehead of sorts beneath the hat of the gable. Laughing, crescent-shaped eyes carved into the vertical door boards complement the centered latch nose, while the upper strap hinges suggest eyebrows and the lower ones imply corners of a smile. The white-on-white palette of materials saves it from being too heavy handed.

It’s only human to delight in human expression (of all sorts).

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast