Design snapshot: Enclosed Porch porchiness

Prompted by a recent online consulting client (yes, I now provide online design consultations; more on that later), I’ve been snapping new photos of enclosed porches. 

This one has what I’ve come to call “porchiness”, by which I mean, it still evokes its former life as an open porch.  A number of factors contribute to its porchiness. 

For one, the original porch posts and brackets are intact and stand "proud" of the porch windows and walls, as does the original balustrade.  For another, it retains the original lattice treatment below the porch floor level.

Perhaps most critical to its porchiness are expansive windows which neatly infill between the porch pilasters, roof headers and balustrade.  The lite proportions of the porch windows complement those of the double-hung windows on the main house, while accommodating larger areas of glass.  For ventilation, operable casements, with two active leafs apiece, are located in the center of the bays (except the last bay which allows for entry from the end). 

As an aside, grouping windows into threes often nicely divides bays, creating a more animated rhythm than static divisions into multiples of two.
The combination of ample daylight and access to refreshing breezes give this space the greatest porchiness of all. 

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by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast