Design snapshot: Gardening outside the box

I’m a bit of a fraud; for all my garden talk, I don’t actually garden. Mainly I admire other people’s gardens. I claim that my lack of any real garden space is my excuse, but when I see window boxes like these, I realize the jig is up. Apparently, you don’t need a yard, deck, or rooftop to create a stunning garden.

These window gardens in Salem, Mass. sit on deep, wide, stone sills against an old, brick building along an aging, brick and granite sidewalk. The boxes themselves are wooden, painted dark, dark green and barely visible behind the spilling bakopa and potato vine. Coleus add bursts of contrasting color to the abundant green foliage as do little, pink, double impatiens. The whole lush ensemble beautifully complements the adjacent brick surfaces. Planting these gems in series only adds to their appeal.

It’s almost enough inspiration to get this non-gardener to pick up a trowel. Almost.

by Katie Hutchison for the House Enthusiast