WA Garden

Newly open to the public, this secret garden on the property of an Asian-inspired home-goods shop named WA in Provincetown is worth discovering.  You approach it from a long passage between a tall, bordering, cedar fence and a channel of spare, decorative grasses that line the edge of the shop.  Once out back, a red, Asian-style gate with heavy, pivot-hinge, wooden doors announces entry to the shaded oasis.  Stone pavers underfoot and stone-topped perimeter planters set the stage for a raised, goldfish pond and center, wooden platform outfitted with benches.  Potted plants, simple vessels, and elegant statuary complete the tableau 


You almost forget you’re in the middle of a retail environment; the garden ornaments are for sale after all.  Nonetheless, it’s a great example of the hidden potential in many shaded rear yards.  Follow WA’s lead.  Ditch the grass and bark mulch.  Get creative.


by Katie Hutchison for the House Enthusiast