Garden items

Since it’s prime gardening season, I thought I’d share some garden tidbits.

I recently discovered two gardening blogs that are not to be missed:

Garden Rant is primarily produced by and for avid gardeners who possess a healthy sense of fun. Even if you’re merely a garden fan, such as I am, you’re bound to find the site intriguing. Not long ago I was flattered to be invited to post a guest rant. I happily obliged, never one to be short on opinion. Take a look at my rant by clicking here.

garden design ONLINE is another web highlight. Published by a Jane Berger, a landscape designer and journalist, it’s a comprehensive resource for all things garden-related. Visit it once, and you’ll want to add it to your favorites.

Also, an additional up-coming New England garden tour to consider:

Salem Seashore Garden Tour, overlooking Salem Willows coastline (Salem, MA) July 14 & 15, 2007

by Katie Hutchison for the House Enthusiast