Web tour: Skallops (a fun building toy) on Kickstarter

photo courtesy of the Skallops Kickstarter pageWithin many a house enthusiast is an inner architect, designer, builder in search of an outlet. Search no more. Skallops, a fun buidling toy, awaits your discovery on Kickstarter. Skallops are the ingenious creation of the earnest folks at E&M Labs, LLC. Each Skallop is a little laser-cut, birch-plywood, scallop-shaped clip. Attach playing cards and/or other Skallops to build whatever you imagine.

Skallops will be funded via Kickstarter on February 1, but it isn't too late for you to kick in, and get a Skallop play pack of your own. Get a Starter Pack of 104 Skallops and two decks of playing cards. Or, get the Builder Pack, which includes twice the contents of the Starter Pack. Or, splurge on the Architect Pack, which includes twice the contents of the Builder Pack.

The folks who created Skallops note that, alternatively, you can clip together business cards or cards of your own creation. I'd love to see some Skallop houses. If you create a Skallop cottage or manse, let me know about it at the KHS Facebook Page. Meanwhile, happy building.

by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast