Design snapshot: Distinctive Dutch door

The Dutch door is one of architecture’s more versatile elements. It’s both door and window. We often associate Dutch doors with barns, as in the case of Mr. Ed. But a Dutch door is a great feature in a dwelling, too. It allows us to control access between spaces by closing the lower half, and to invite view and air flow by opening the upper half.

This Dutch door is a front entrance. The closed lower half signals that passersby aren’t encouraged to enter uninvited, but the open upper half communicates that the occupants, who are willing to share an enticing view of the entry hall’s elegant wallpaper, might be open to receiving guests.

Perhaps it’s the contrast of the stark, walled exterior and the hint of a vibrant, lively interior that drew my eye to this entry. Few other door types offer the opportunity for such a provocative juxtaposition. This one beautifully balances enticement and deterrent.

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by Katie Hutchison for House Enthusiast